Make the Jump: Access and Transparency

By Jessica Flynn Following a hiatus, we've come to grips with our nerdiness and are excited to resume our regular 'Make the Jump' blog posts focused on curating and sharing new tools, techniques, apps and content worth an extended look - at least from our point of view. Out of the gate, a nod to the season here in Idaho minus (not the ice season) … [Read more...]

Know Your Audience


This has been the spring of panels and presentations. Though the topics are often similar - social media, messaging/media training or entrepreneur lessons learned - I always try to customize the presentation to the audience. But when the topic is social media, there is one insight tool that I always include. Maybe it's because I love the word … [Read more...]

Make the Jump: Foursquare Oops, Raw Data Delight, Awe-Inspiring ArtFinder

Make the Jump… a weekly roundup of insights, observations, tools, techniques and musings to provide a spark. Foursquare Oooops: It seems that after the bubble of geo-location marketing wins we've seen quite a bit of ooops - lack of oversight leading to some geo-squatting (we've been victim of this);lack of understanding leading to giving away the … [Read more...]

Make the Jump: NPs Rocking Mobile, Word! Sheryl Sandberg & Z-Insights


Non-Profits Rocking Mobile Just like a canary in the well, I frequently look to non-profits as harbingers of leading-edge technology being utilized in realistic ways. While the bleeding edge brains and early adopters dive in first, seeing how non-profits are leveraging tools for a common good on often ridiculously small budgets is insightful. … [Read more...]

Webful of Inspiration

Sometimes creating tactical ideas to tie into public relations campaigns can be a daunting task. Other times interesting and unique concepts flow from one’s mind like honey.  When needed, I go to the web for motivation, inspiration and relevant help. Whether tweeting with peers about an idea, or reading about the weirdest our world has to offer, I … [Read more...]