Doing Well by Doing Good

by Karianne Fallow Fresh from the fiscal cliff and with the debt ceiling battle looming, most Americans can likely agree that our government’s ability to find common ground and accomplish anything meaningful is limited. Compare this experience to the tragic events of Superstorm Sandy where businesses and individuals came together for the common … [Read more...]

Tapping Creativity to Show Your Support


by Jancy Quinn On a Southwest flight from our San Francisco office last week, I got a huge smile on my face as the flight attendants closed the overhead compartments. Not because I was excited to take off, but because every overhead bin was covered with children's drawings. The drawings accompanied a logo for Ronald McDonald House. I grabbed my … [Read more...]

The Real Value of Cause Marketing


Cause Marketing is rapidly becoming the public relations tool-of-choice in business. This is especially true due to today’s downtrodden economy and the increasing role businesses are playing in providing means to charities, communities and individuals in need. Studies have consistently shown charitable donations and corporate sponsorships have a … [Read more...]

Doing Well by Doing Good – An Ode to Corporate Philanthropy


(A re-post of an article written for the Idaho Business Review's 2011 Heroes in Philanthropy publication) Now more than ever, the need for good corporate citizenship is paramount. When the economy is sound, the needs of the community are often less, or less visible. When times are tough, and those tough times last for years, the community leans on … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Passion in the Corporate Brand World


Whoa - stop. Rewind. Not to be worried that we may go down an inappropriate road here… We are not talking passion in the physical sense of love or lust. We are talking passion in the intellectual realm where people, or in this case “consumers” may be driven by their passions more as emotions that compel a desire or enthusiasm for something. Smart … [Read more...]