What Would You Say You Do Here?


Beyond wanting to be Indiana Jones when I grew up, all I wanted was a James Bond car with the full arsenal and ejector seat. The closest I've come is driving the same damn car as the lead character in Office Space when it hit theaters. So when I get asked what we do at Red Sky, I tend to picture the Bobs. The answer should not be a … [Read more...]

Guerrilla Warfare in the Shopping Aisle

nyquist tweet

By Justin Nyquist Unless you were running the company, it was rare for an individual to have any significant influence on a company’s actions just a few short years ago. At best, the carefully coordinated actions of an activist shareholder could cause dramatic change. Flash forward to today, when all you need is a smartphone and a gripe to … [Read more...]

United Considers You Cargo

by Chad Biggs There you are, a truly captive audience in an airplane seat. All electronic devices are neutered. You’re asked to look at the headrest monitor in front of you for an important message. Queue the United music. This is the moment a communicator dreams about – an unfiltered opportunity to reinforce a critical message, address an issue, … [Read more...]

When Tweets Attack

By Chad Biggs While the stock market’s recent tweet-induced nosedive lasted mere minutes, the dialogue around automation and Twitter as an official news channel will be debated for months, if not years. Depending on your vantage point, the primary culprit is the easy hackability of Twitter (the Associated Press handle was hijacked to announce a … [Read more...]

What We're Reading

Each week this collection brings some surprises. Case in point - multiple reads on Marissa Mayer's anti-telecommuting decree and the role of gender, including one that tackles both topics, spanning three Red Skyers.  Sprinkle in some TED and a father-son visit to Burning Man and you have a glimpse into What We're Reading... Jess Flynn What's your … [Read more...]