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When Easy Sets Brands Apart

 by Christina Lenkowski As many of my fellow Gmail users can testify to, we have seen a lot of changes in the last few weeks. The main one being that every email is now siphoned into three distinct categories; Primary (for your main emails from friends, family, etc.), Social (you can guess what that means)... READ MORE »

Recipe for Disaster

by Amanda Watson Undoubtedly you’ve heard how the chef, famous for bringing us clogged arteries in the shape of delicious butter-soaked pies, has been facing some public scrutiny.  Watching Deen handle this debacle gives me a similar gastrointestinal feeling as consuming Deen’s Praline French Toast Casserole. I just can’t stop, but it is increasingly uncomfortable... READ MORE »

Inspiration, Canned & Packed in Water

by Amanda Watson Great leaders often identify a seemingly ordinary experience as the source of their greatest motivation and passion. For J.CREW’s President and Executive Creative Director, that impetus was found in the tuna aisle as a child with her recently divorced mother. She was feeling lost without the direction of her husband. In that... READ MORE »

The Power of Pinterest

by Amber Broeckel The popularity of Pinterest has never been stronger, as its global user site visits has erupted from 9 million two Decembers ago to 48 million last December according to comScore. More than a few of us at Red Sky are a contributing factor to this increase, as it has a wide range... READ MORE »

Barrel-aged PR lessons

By Amanda Watson Customers did not welcome the recent news from Maker’s Mark Chairman Bill Samuels that the iconic brand would, quite literally, be watering down the favorite bourbon in order to meet supply issues faced by the company. Samuels released a statement that the company would be releasing a new formula, which would reduce the alcohol content... READ MORE »