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The Millennial Effect: Influencing the Influencers

You may have noticed that millennials are dominating today’s headlines, causing a stir for companies tasked with hiring this growing demographic, and poking holes in traditional marketing and economic models. So what’s all … [Read More...]


ROCI infographic Policy leader role

Passion & Discourse Beyond the Legislative Session

As we head into another legislative session, issues near and dear to our hearts (and the future of our state) take center stage. But when the session ends, how do you keep the conversation going? How do you keep the right people informed … [Read More...]



What’s the One Question You Should Always Be Ready For?

It doesn’t matter your industry, your geography, your position in an organization. At some point in time you will be interviewed. And as communication channels evolve, the person interviewing you may not be someone with a journalist pedigree, or hailing from an ‘official’ news outlet.

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